Fundamentals of Creative Writing

Fundamentals of Creative Writing
Anvil, 2009, softcover, 98 pages ISBN 9788712722318

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This slender book goes straight to the point and gives the basics in creative writing. Each section focuses on a concept, such as dialogue, followed by a sample story or two and suggested activities. It continues to be a handy tool for teachers and students of creative writers.

Fundamentals of Creative Writing is a powerful resource to encourage students and/or aspiring writers to strive for excellence in their writing skills. Not only does it guide readers through the basics of setting, scene, character, conflict, dialogue, plot, point of view, voice, style, theme and tone but it also provides useful activities that challenges the writer to get their creative juices flowing. I would highly recommend this excellent book to anyone who wants to improve and enhance their creative writing skills.” (Jacqueline Gullas-Weckman, Vice-President, Academic Affairs University of the Visayas)

“Cecilia Manguerra Brainard has written a wonderful resource for students of creative writing. This book, Fundamentals of Creative Writing, provides students with practical steps that truly work. The strategies presented in this book are a product of the authors 15 years of teaching creative writing. She is also a prolific writer who has written numerous short stories, novels, and non-fiction books.” (Edmundo F. Litton, Ed.D., Associate Professor of Education, Loyola Marymount University)

“This book (Fundamentals of Creative Writing) describes the “essentials” of creative writing, not only from a technical perspective, but also by unveiling how creative writing leads us to imaginatively engage and act upon the world. Brainard’s structure reminds us that, above and beyond technique, the most important thing a writer needs is a genuine love of story and a respect for the power of words.” (RocĂ­o G. Davis, Associate Professor of American Literature, University of Navarra, Spain)

“Cecilia Manguerra Brainard's Fundamentals of Creative Writing is a marvelous textbook that combines useful technical advice on craft with beautiful practical examples in her own stories. Brainard's treatments of writerly voice and left brain/right brain theory as it connects to writing are among the best available in today's writing textbooks. Her story examples cover a variety of story types, techniques, points of view, and historical as well as contemporary topics and themes. This book will indeed help writing students write strong stories and improve their craft. Brava, Ms. Brainard.” (Vince Gotera, Editor of North American Review, Professor of Creative Writing, University Northern Iowa)

Table of Contents
Introduction (by Edmundo F. Litton, Ed.D.)
Setting and Scene
Point of View
Style, Theme, Tone
Left Brain Right Brain Theory & Two Rules