Please, San Antonio! & Melisande in Paris

Two Novellas, Special International Edition
PALH 2018, 166 pages
Release date is Nov. 1, 2018
by Eve La Salle Caram and Cecilia Brainard

Eve La Salle Caram and Cecilia Manguerra Brainard, awarded authors and long-time teachers of Creative Writing, team up in writing two novellas for the Special International edition published by PALH (Philippine American Literary House). The book is beautifully illustrated by Nina Lim-Yuson and designed by C. Sophia Ibardaloza. Caram’s and Brainard’s protagonists are women who journey to Rome and Paris and find creativity, love, and healing.

In Eve La Salle Caram’s Please, San Antonio!, an emotionally isolated American woman’s trip to Rome becomes a powerful quest to find what she has lost: her creativity, identity, and “an open place in her heart.”

In Cecilia Manguerra Brainard’s Melisande in Paris, a young seamstress from the French countryside comes to Paris to assist her dressmaker aunt, and rediscovers her talent, strength, and a precious “feeling of wholeness” in her new lover’s arms.

Together, Caram’s Beatrice and Brainard’s Melisande cross geographical borders and borders of the heart with vitality and spirit, and will inspire those who believe in the possibility of heaven on earth.

Eve La Salle Caram is the author of five novels, those in her book Trio, A Corpus Christi Trilogy, and the interconnected duo of The Blue geography and Wintershine. She is also the editor of Palm Readings, Stories from Southern California, a multicultural anthology of stories by Southern California women.

For over thirty years she has taught Literature and Writing at California State University, Northridge, and Fiction Writing at UCLA Extension’s renowned Writers’ Program where she won the Outstanding Instructor in Creative Writing in 2006. She also teaches at Los Angeles City College whose students helped inspire her novel, Rena, A Late Journey, and who asked her to write Looking for Johnny, the short novel that completes Trio. All of her books have been used in Literature and Writing classes in California and in Texas.